VILLATORO: Singing to God

By Gian Carlo Villatoro

Founding Pastor, Victory Church Odessa

Every believer should have a daily devotion. Do you read the Bible every day? Do you start your day thinking of God? Do you give thanks to the Lord for another day of life? Do you complain to Him? Well, even if you complain, at least you’re communicating with Him. That is better than nothing.

However, we know that babies complain because they don’t know how to handle things. Little ones complain because they don’t understand much about life, and they only care for themselves. Who else complains? Most of the time the selfish person is constantly complaining, rather than being grateful. It’s true, maybe you have the money to pay for things and you expect a good service or product in return. However, is that your personality? Complaining all the time about everything? Really? Don’t you think it is childish of you, too?

A daily devotion is a discipline to honor our Lord God that every believer should do. Including prayers to give thanks to the good Lord for another day, presenting your requests, and also interceding for others. A daily devotion should include reflecting on a passage of the scripture.

Today, I want to encourage you to add something to your daily devotion. I want you to start singing to God every day. There is power when you are worshiping God with music. The Lord God doesn’t pay too much attention to your singing abilities. He is listening to your heart more than anything. There are people that they can sing professionally to God, but their hearts are far away from Him. What’s the point? The Lord God is always searching for hearts, people that love Him, people that need Him, people that know they are nothing without the good Lord.

Singing to the good Lord is powerful in the spiritual world. Giving praises to the good Lord. Honoring Him by keeping a melody that exalts the name of Jesus. Humming in your heart because you know the Holy Spirit is dwelling inside of you, and you love that feeling.

Singing to the good Lord should be part of your daily devotion and also your daily life. You don’t need to be in church on Sunday to lift up your hands and sing hallelujah. You don’t need a band of musicians around you or a choir. Actually, you don’t even need anybody singing in the background.

When you want to worship God, and sing to the Lord, all that you need is the desire to tell Him how much you love Him, that you know that He is your everything. When you learn to do that, you are going to be so excited to come to worship Him in person on Sundays with your brothers and sisters, then the music and the songs are going to become really spectacular to you. And if that moment of adoration is that great for you, can you imagine how the Lord feels about it? You have no idea the power in your singing. You have no idea of the outcome of your singing to God with all your heart, mind, voice, and strength.