VILLATORO: Ingenuity is about being creative to find solutions

By Rev. Gian Carlo Villatoro

Founding Pastor, Victory Church Odessa

Ingenuity is about being creative. It’s about finding solutions to problems, regardless of the context or the circumstances. Imagine during the times where there were no stoves, and you wanted to eat a good meal. Fire would then become a great idea.

The same thing applies to electricity, air conditioning, and wireless communication. The necessities push us to find solutions. What do you do when you have necessities? Sadly, most of the time you see people complaining, venting, or blaming someone, while they face challenges in their lives.

Being inventive, or creative, is not about having a high IQ, or possessing a degree from a prestigious university. They say that necessity is the mother of creativity. As we are advancing in the development of our societies, we have more and more challenges adapting ourselves to technology, and the drastic changes we have in almost every field in life.

A Christian person should be someone smart and brave. Why? Because the intelligence of God will come upon you, as well as courage, because it’s part of God‘s character. The Spirit of God, dwelling inside of you, will manifest these attributes in you in any given situation. Unfortunately, we see more and more crybabies everywhere, and rather than looking for alternatives to resolve their own problems, they do what they love to do … cry, cry, cry.

If I ask you today to give me the most important challenges in your life, are you assuming the right position to handle those problems? Remember the two things I told you, intelligence and courage. The good Lord will guide you in finding solutions to all types of problems. Solutions to problems are not going to necessarily come to you immediately, much less easily. Because The Lord doesn’t give you anything as quick as you want, simply because He wants you to continue in developing the right character, filled with intelligence and strength to be courageous, and at the same time, grateful in finding solutions to your problems. Remember the words of our Lord Jesus, “Ask and you shall receive.” Matthew 7.7.