VILLATORO: Consider how you present complaints

By Rev. Gian Carlo Villatoro

Founding Pastor, Victory Church Odessa

Gian, tell me: Should I complain for NO WATER in Odessa last week? Joseph C.

Dear Joseph: The moment we stop sharing how we feel about things is when we are getting close to death, because we simply just don’t care anymore for anything. Issues like not having water in our homes, for whatever reason, are important to all of us. Not talking about it means that we just don’t care.

Now, if you have little ones in your home, let’s say children between 5 to 8 years old, your complaining to them about it will not be beneficial. It is necessary to vent, or talk about things, but even when you share how you feel about things, you need to think of who is listening to you.

One day I heard this interesting definition: “Gossiping is when you are talking about something with someone who doesn’t have anything to do with the problem nor the solution.”

This problem in Odessa was serious, and it can be even extremely dangerous if is not handled quickly and properly. Who is responsible for this? What is the cause of this incident? Is this event enough to get the attention of those who are in charge to take care of the adequate supply of water to near 100k citizens?

Obviously, Joseph, you are not wrong because you want to complain. However, you need to consider where, to whom, and how you present your comments or questions. Unless you simply don’t care, and do not say anything.

The Bible tells us to respect and honor our authorities. It also teaches us to pay our taxes. We, the decent citizens, do that, even more, we pray for our authorities. As believers, we must show respect to everyone, and communicate the right way. We, the True Believers, keep our eyes on our Lord Jesus and His

Kingdom, and Eternity. Also, we are called to protect our lives, our families, and our homes.

There is nothing wrong when you question your authorities and ask for explanations. Mainly, hoping for HONEST answers, NOT POLITICAL. Plus, you want to see actions heading towards satisfactory solutions to our real problems.

Water is an issue, of course Joseph, but there are other problems in our cities that our authorities need to face, like drugs and crime.

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