VILLATORO: Are you willing to change?

By Rev. Gian Carlo Villatoro

Founding Pastor, Victory Church Odessa

Gian, Why did things go wrong in my life? — Rupert V.

Dear Rupert:

When you say things, there are many things that we can talk about. Let’s start with your health. Our bodies are imperfect. We live in an imperfect world, particularly now when there are many potential damaging things that we can eat, drink, consume, and are exposed to, without paying much attention to it.

As a result of all that is detrimental to your health, that you have been putting inside of your body for years, it is obvious that it will eventually kick you in the rear. On the other hand, accidents happens all the time, and in recent years, we have seen more viral and bacterial infirmities. Plus, age. Not to mention the fact of your ancestors’ genetics influencing your own body. So, in other words, it is pretty possible that as time passes by, we all will have health problems. Some more serious than others.

Then you consider your finances. Money management is hard to grasp, and if you are not making smart, intelligent decisions with your money, it is possible that you will be in trouble. Sources of employment are changing rapidly, and for everyone in all fields, keeping updated is a real challenge. There is a lot of competition, and with the changes in the economy, it is absolutely difficult to sustain a source of income that is dependable. As we know, all wells eventually dry up, unless they have a particular source, and, yet, you need to take excellent care of that well.

When you consider how the selfish and godless behavior of people are determining the course of our communities, cities, and countries, it is not a surprise to see in our homes, and families, the coldness and lack of spirituality. All this, that I have mentioned above, is about people, those around you and everyone else.

However, I would like you to ask yourself these questions:

Am I listening to the Lord God? Am I doing His will? Am I doing the best that I can with what He is giving me? Am I being responsible with myself for my future? What are the big lessons that I have learned in my life about me, about God, and about the Bible?

And to close, two final questions for you: Is God able to help you? Are you willing to change?

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