STAAR release shows mixed results for ECISD and across Texas

Over the past two weeks the Texas Education Agency has released this year’s STAAR scores for individual students and for school districts. The overall results for Ector County ISD and Texas are mixed and show that ECISD’s performance tracked with that of the state.

“I am proud of the work done by our students and staff,” ECISD Superintendent of Schools Scott Muri said in a news release.

“At the same time, we understand we have more work to do.”

“One of the pieces of work we do here in the summer is analyze our data and figure out what we can do to continue improving.” he stated.

The district’s strategic plan focuses on improving achievement for all students and closing achievement gaps between the district and the state. In reviewing the preliminary test data release by TEA, ECISD made progress toward closing achievement gaps in the following areas:

  • 3rd grade Reading Language Arts and Math
  • 7th grade Reading Language Arts and Math
  • 8th Grade Math
  • Biology End of Course
  • U.S. History End of Course

“We look at our results compared to what is happening across the State of Texas,” Muri said, “and are excited that we continue to make gains as we close the gaps that have existed for many years between the performance of our students in Ector County and the performance of students across the state.”

The 2024 statewide results show declines in the areas of math, science, Social Studies, and English I End of Course and the district also saw overall declines in these areas.

“There are a variety of reasons for these mixed results,” Muri said. “Many students are still struggling to recover from pandemic learning loss, and they are adapting to a new testing system.”

Other areas of growth seen by ECISD are for cohorts of students (meaning the same group of students as they move through schools, i.e. this year’s 4th graders compared to themselves as 3rd graders last year) in the areas:

  • 4th grade Reading Language Arts
  • 5th grade Reading Language Arts
  • 8th grade Reading Language Arts

Parents and families are encouraged to log in to their school district’s family portal or to view their child’s individual STAAR 3-8 results. STAAR assessments are a valuable tool in evaluating how students are performing in Texas classrooms with on-grade-level instructional materials. The detailed STAAR report card provides parents with easy-to-understand information, including each STAAR question and answer, and their child’s response. STAAR results can help parents know how well their child learned this year’s academic material and whether their child is on track for success in future grades and after graduation.