Sheriff Griffis files for re-election

Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis on Thursday filed to seek his third term as sheriff of Ector County.

Griffis said when he first ran he wanted to make some changes and improve and expand the office. “We wanted more equipment and better pay for boots on the ground who go and fight the fight every day.”

He said they now have a fleet program and also better equipment and pay. “We were the last local agency to issue service weapons to officers and we got good ones and did not skimp. We paid for them with seized money and donations…we got pay up where we are very competitive.”

He said he wants another term to continue with the improvements at both the jail and the sheriff’s department. He said he hopes to eventually leave the office in better shape than he found it. “The next in line can take it and run with and make more improvements.”

Griffis is a lifelong Odessan and a Republican. No one else has filed for the office.

In 2016, Griffis defeated Joe Commander by about 45 votes for his first term in office. He was unopposed four years later. Sheriff terms run four years and during the last legislative session legislation passed requiring all Texas sheriffs to be certified peace officers, which Griffis is.

He is married to Allison Griffis.

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