SAMARITAN CENTER: Self-awareness is self-discovery

By Connie Garcia-Ball, MA, LPC

What if I said a person could be able to understand themselves without self-doubt or hesitation? Wouldn’t that be an ideal situation for everyone? It is possible to begin the journey of enlightening your life with self-awareness. I frequently come across many clients who have a healthy sense of self-awareness. Sometimes, there are others unaware of their mind, body, and emotions. It occurs more often than we may believe, however it is possible to change it for our life experience. When we are self-aware, we notice things more observantly, can pause, and internally look at ourselves mindfully.

Therapy can help explore that sense of self-awareness that may help one understand themselves more compassionately and gracefully. Ways to enhance an outlook on life through self-awareness includes asking oneself questions like:

  • Where and what am I feeling on my body at this moment?
  • What emotions can I identify presently?
  • What thoughts are coming to mind right now? Are they helping or harming me?
  • What am I telling myself and how is it affecting my internal beliefs?
  • How significant are my body, emotions, and thoughts influencing my next step?
  • Am I logically responding or emotionally reacting to others or experiences?

We are allowed to accept ourselves presently as we are and then will be able to make changes to improve and grow. If we are more in-tune with our emotions, thought processes, and body interactions, then we are more likely to gain insight to embracing who we are and we can make healthier behavioral decisions that align with our desires and values. Self-awareness can be a vital key to opening the door to self-exploration. During therapy, we will continue the process by utilizing appropriate coping skills, managing healthy decision-making, and maintaining self enhancement to achieve better self-awareness.

You have the capability to open your mind to opportunities and change your self-perceptions IF you just give yourself permission. Evaluate what your body, mind, emotions, and self-concepts are saying to YOU. Call Samaritan Center today at 432-563-4144 to schedule a visit with a counselor or psychiatric nurse practitioner.