Quezada credits TSTC for welding career path

SWEETWATER Oscar Quezada credits Texas State Technical College for helping him find his career path.

Quezada is a candidate for graduation in Welding Technology at TSTC and will begin working with an oil field company next month, a press release said. He is scheduled to receive a certificate of completion in Structural Welding during the summer commencement ceremony on Thursday, Sept. 7, at the Abilene Convention Center.

“The best thing I have learned at TSTC is to be patient with myself and to trust the process,” the Seagraves native said. “I credit most of my success to my instructor, Frank Molini. He has taught me everything I know, and it will stay with me for a long time.”

Molini said some of Quezada’s best efforts in the lab are on display for future students to see.

“When a student completes a project well, I like to showcase it for others to see,” Molini said. “Many of Oscar’s works are on the showcase table. He has come a long way with his techniques.”

Quezada said Molini worked with him to learn proper pipefitting and tungsten inert gas welding techniques.

“Since I am going to be working in the oil field, I know I need to have this skill,” Quezada said of pipefitting. “Frank helped me each step of the way to make sure I knew as much as possible.”

Molini’s faith in Quezada’s ability led him to another project. Several Welding Technology students were asked to work on a metal door to be used for training by the Sweetwater Fire Department.

“It is always good to give back to the community,” Quezada said. “It was an honor to work on a project knowing that it will be used by people who will save lives.”

While Quezada has already secured a job that he will start after he completes his certificate, he said having employer spotlights on campus opened his eyes to different job opportunities.

“It was good to see so many different ways I can put my skills to use,” he said. “I was able to learn that welders are needed in other industries.”

According to onetonline.org, welders can earn a yearly median salary of more than $48,000 in Texas. Welding jobs were expected to increase 23% between 2020 and 2030 in the state, according to the website.

TSTC offers Welding Technology at each of its 10 campuses located throughout Texas. It is one of nine programs at TSTC that have money-back guarantees. The college’s commitment to participating students is simple: If they do not have a job in their field within six months of graduation, they will receive a full refund of their tuition. For more information on the Money-Back Guarantee program, visit tstc.edu/mbg.

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