PSP showcases impact on Permian Basin

This quarter, the Permian Strategic Partnership released its 2022 Annual Report detailing its impact on the Permian Basin. From 2019 to 2022, the PSP’s $125 million investments generated over $1 billion in community support. Addressing vital needs in education, healthcare, workforce development and more across the Permian Basin’s 22 counties, the PSP has left an indelible mark:

  • $47.1M in education investments.
  • $52.7M in healthcare advancements.
  • $13.9M in workforce upskilling.

Don Evans, chairman of the PSP and Former U.S. Commerce Secretary, underscored the region’s importance.

“We are proud of our progress in 2022, and we remain committed to building on our success in the years to come. The future lies in the Permian, the world’s largest secure supply of energy. With production growing, so will dependence on this area for energy needs. It’s imperative that our community support systems grow too. The need for continued public-private partnership has never been greater,” Evans said in a news release.

PSP President and CEO Tracee Bentley highlighted the progress.

“This year reflects remarkable strides in shaping the Permian Basin’s future. Through investments in education, workforce, healthcare and road safety, we fortify our communities and elevate lives. Our unwavering commitment and collaboration set a high standard, poised to exceed expectations in 2023,” Bentley said.