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The Odessa Police Department recently completed its first Testing Day for future Police Recruit and Police Officer positions this past Saturday, Aug. 26. Applicants who showed up completed their oral interview and agility testing. The agility testing consisted of completing a 1/2 mile run under five minutes, 25 push-ups under one minute, and 25 sit ups under one minute. Applicants were also assigned a Police Officer with the Odessa Police Department for the day if they had any questions and to motivate them through the process. A total of 19 applicants participated in the event.

The Odessa Police Department would like to think all applicants that showed up for this testing day, a press release said. Even though this testing day has passed, all other applicants wishing to apply are still encouraged to apply online as they are still accepting applications for Police Officers, Police Recruits, and Recruit Interns. Please go to to apply.