Pfluger visits border, pushes security

Congressman August Pfluger visited the U.S.-Mexico border Saturday on a tour of the Customs and Border Patrol Central Processing Center in McAllen.

“There are numerous issues that need to be addressed at our southern border. During my visit, I witnessed nearly 500 illegal migrants crossing the border,” Pfluger said via news release. “These numbers are staggering.”

Pfluger, a Republican from San Angelo, represents the 11th Congressional District of Texas, which includes Ector and Midland counties.

Pfluger praised border patrol officers, and blasted the policies of Democratic President Joe Biden.

“Our heroic border patrol officers are working to overcome the challenges of inconsistent fences, understaffing, and most importantly rhetoric and policies from our president that are encouraging most illegal border crossings in the history of this country,” Pfluger said. “We must build the wall, provide the technology needed, hire more border patrol agents, and secure the border once and for all.”