Pfluger amendment to freeze all sanctioned Iranian assets passes House

WASHINGTON, D.C Rep. August Pfluger (TX-11) celebrated on Friday the passage of Amendment 6 to H.R. 5961, the No Funds for Iranian Terrorism Act. Representative Pfluger spoke on the House Floor in support of his amendment.

Pfluger’s amendment strengthened the bill by freezing all sanctioned Iranian assets permanently with no exceptions or waivers allowing the President to lift sanctions without an act of Congress. The amendment is modeled after legislation previously introduced by Rep. Pfluger and 128 cosponsors as a key RSC initiative.

Last week, the Biden Administration announced a waiver allowing Iraq to send $10 billion to Iran for electricity payments. This underscores the need for Congress to take action preventing any further funding from going to the terrorist regime in Iran. In the wake of the October 7th attack on Israel by Iran-backed Hamas terrorists, it is more pressing than ever that Congress cuts off any and all funding sources to terrorists in Iran.

The passage of Rep. Pfluger’s amendment makes H.R. 5961 the toughest Iran sanctions bill to ever pass the House.

“It is well known that Iran is the largest state-sponsor of terrorism and no accident that Hamas’ evil attack on Israel shortly followed President Biden’s decision to unfreeze $6 Billion in Iranian assets on September 11th of this year. What is even more unacceptable is that the Biden Administration chose to unfreeze an additional $10 billion in assets for Iran after the attack. I am proud to strengthen this important bill by blocking all Iranian-sanctioned funds from being unfrozen and removing the President’s ability to release such funds through the abuse of waiver or license authorities. Since the Administration refuses to permanently freeze the funds, Congress will,” Pfluger said in a news release.

The amendment includes the following provisions in response to Hamas’s October 7 terrorist attack:

  • Requires the permanent freezing of all Iranian sanctioned assets, including not only the $6 billion ransom payment in Qatar, but also prohibiting sanctions relief provided to Iraq allowing it to send billions to Iran for electricity.
  • Prohibits the President from lifting sanctions on Iran whether through the issuance of waivers, licenses, regulatory guidance, or the publication of Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Outside Group Support: The amendment was supported by FDD Action, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), and the CUFI Action Fund.

Co-sponsors: Hern (OK), Roy (TX), Wilson (SC), Clyde (GA), Ogles (TN), Weber (TX), Duncan (SC), Womack (AR), Bacon (NE).