OSA season will be played at Sherwood

The Odessa City Council unanimously agreed Tuesday night to allow the Odessa Soccer Association to play its regular fall season at Sherwood Park, but play future seasons at Floyd Gwin and Comanche parks.

In addition, the council also agreed to start charging OSA and all other sports association 10% of its membership fees for the privilege of playing on city fields.

OSA will be the first organization to begin paying the city; its season will run Sept. 9 through Nov. 11.

Mayor Javier Joven said all organizations signed agreements stating they would pay the 10% roughly 20 years ago, but the agreements were never enforced.

The mayor also noted that within 24-36 months all organizations will be required to play at the new sports complex.

Councilmember Steve Thompson noted OSA’s funding will be needed to rehab the fields after their season ends.

Allowing OSA to play this season at Sherwood Park gives OSA time to purchase the portable goals needed at the other parks.