OPD, UTPB police team up to nab burglary suspect

A 20-year-old Odessa man was arrested recently for a string of auto burglaries. Alex Brackman is now facing multiple counts for those auto burglaries, along with evading an officer and felon in possession of firearms, and Odessa Police Department news release said.

According to the release, the Odessa Police Department responded to the area of Parks Bell Ranch on February 4 for reported multiple vehicle burglaries. Several firearms were taken during those burglaries. The only surveillance provided showed a man wearing a hoodie with a mask and gloves, with very limited identifiable information.

The next incident took place on February 6, at around 4:15 a.m. An officer was patrolling the Parks Bell Ranch area when he observed a man wearing a hoodie, mask, and gloves standing next to a vehicle. As the officer approached the man, he took off on a bicycle, the release said.

According to the release, OPD and University of Texas Permian Basin officers teamed up to track down Brackman. UTPB used its drone to assist OPD in locating and detaining Brackman. Shortly after, the Odessa Police Department started receiving calls of multiple auto burglaries at the Candlewood Suite Hotel and approximately four additional auto burglaries in the Parks Bell Ranch community.

The investigation is ongoing as investigators continue to locate and sort out stolen property, the release said.

As a reminder, the Odessa Police Department would like to highly emphasize the importance of not leaving valuables and firearms in vehicles. Brackman and criminals like him are why we need to secure our vehicles and take our valuables out every day.