One new graduate; one new Excel scholarship

The Ector County Library is still sponsoring Gale Excel Adult High School scholarships.

They’re virtual, self-paced, and for those over 21. It’s also a second chance in many cases for folks to graduate with a nationally accredited diploma.

This is not a GED program. Each are priced at $1,100.

A news release from the library said they now have their first graduate who finished the 29-course program in just two months. It can typically take up to two years.

The release said they have another scholarship to soon give away to a candidate (now 14 total) already on the waiting list and previously interviewed for the program.

However, with the new Excel program already at full capacity, the library will continue to pause applications due to very high interest. As they gain access to more scholarships, they will re-open future applications. If you’re interested in donating to the Excel program, contact the library at 432-227-2038, [email protected]