NWS measures limited snowfall at airportAlpine, Marathon see double digit numbers

A winter storm dampened the welcome of the New Year as a foot of snow was seen in the Permian Basin.
Douglas Cain, a meteorologist at Midland’s National Weather Service, said over the phone on Thursday morning that limited snowfall numbers were available at 8 a.m. but he detailed early reports included around 12 inches in Alpine and 10 inches in Marathon. 
The Odessa-Midland area experienced limited snowfall as the NWS measured 1.3 inches at the Midland International Air and Space Port on Thursday morning.
“Odessa hasn’t received a lot,” Cain said. “Officially, we measured 1.3 inches at the airport, but we haven’t had any snow since midnight (Thursday).”
Despite limited snowfall in Odessa, the city remained in a winter storm warning until midnight Friday morning. Cain said there’s a possibility for additional snowfall throughout Thursday.
The heaviest snowfall in the Permian Basin was seen around Interstate 10 and Interstate 20.
Gene Powell, the spokesperson Odessa District of Texas Department of Transportation, said on Thursday morning that a majority of its focus has shifted to south of Odessa-Midland and near the Interstate 10 and Interstate 20 split. Powell said there were a number of collisions near the split, which caused traffic to be blocked.
“We are still patrolling throughout the district for trouble spots,” Powell said.
Cain said over the phone that he wants to urge travelers driving south of the Odessa-Midland area and east on Interstate 10 to postpone travel during the New Year.
“Traveling is going to be difficult, especially on I-10 and I-20 going east,” Cain said. “That’s where the heavier precipitation is right now. Postponing travel would be in the best interest.”