Medical Center Hospital announced Tuesday afternoon that it plans to lift restrictions on its visitation policies beginning May 3.

Christin Abbott-Timmons, chief nursing Officer at MCH, said during Tuesday’s Zoom press conference that patients will be allowed no more than two visitors at a time.

MCH will also allow one visitor every 24 hours to see a patient on the COVID-19 floor.

Abbott-Timmons also explained a decision has been made to reduce screenings for people who enter MCH. Temperatures won’t be taken anymore, but masks will still be required.

“The mask must be worn while they are in the presence of a patient or in our building,” Abbott-Timmons said.

MCH President and CEO Russell Tippin said during Tuesday’s press conference there were 18 patients in house with one on a ventilator. Tippin said there are two patients from Midland, one from Big Spring, one from Monahans and one from Madison Medical Resort.

Odessa Regional Medical Center President Stacey Brown said there was one COVID-19 patient in house who is in the ICU, but not on a ventilator. There are four patients at Scenic Mountain Medical Center in Big Spring.

“We want to remind everyone to keep wearing their masks,” Tippin said. “There’s plenty of opportunity in town to get the vaccine at no cost. The first dose is at (MCH) and the second dose is at ORMC. That’s readily available.”

MCH Director of Public Relations Trevor Tankersley announced at the end of the press conference that the bi-weekly Zoom meeting will switch to once a month. The press conference will take place the first week of every month.

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