Mayor’s statement on terrorist attacks against Israel

City of Odessa Mayor Javier Joven has released the following statement on the attacks in Israel:

In the face of the recent terrorist attack on Israel by the Hamas terrorist group and the imminent ground attack into the West Bank, Mayor Javier Joven has issued an Executive Order denouncing these acts of terror. The Odessa City Council stands firmly against any form of terrorism and condemns all acts of antisemitism.

Mayor Joven believes in the power of unity and peace, and he calls upon the people of the world to join together in solidarity against hatred. As we find ourselves on the brink of a potential global conflict, it is essential that we stand as one, promoting harmony and understanding among all nations.

In this critical time, Mayor Joven encourages everyone to pray. He understands that prayer can bring solace, hope, and healing to those in need during challenging circumstances. As a symbol of his commitment to this cause, he shares the following prayer:

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace! Where there is hate, I put love. Where there is offense, I put forgiveness. Where there is discord, let me put unity. Where there is a mistake, I put the truth. Where there is doubt, I put faith. Where there is despair, let hope arise. Where there is darkness, I put light. Where there is sadness, I put happiness.”

Mayor Joven emphasizes the importance of consoling others, seeking understanding, and promoting love rather than selfish desires. He believes that by giving, forgetting, forgiving, and even embracing sacrifice, we can receive and find each other. He acknowledges the eternal life that can emerge from selfless acts, highlighting the value of resurrection amidst adversity.

Finally, Mayor Joven addresses those who may be in need of prayer, acknowledging that he may not know their specific circumstances but assuring them that God does. He encourages individuals and all Pastors, Ministers, Clergy, and Congregations to pray this prayer with an open heart, believing that it can help them find what they seek.

Mayor Joven stands firm in his commitment to fostering peace and unity within our city and beyond. He urges citizens to join him in praying for peace and hopes that this collective effort will inspire change, deter violence, and pave the way for a brighter, more harmonious future.