Man charged with endangering five children

The father of the two boys that were reportedly left unattended by their mother for an hour and half while drugs and drug paraphernalia were found inside the residence was arrested on Wednesday.

Sean Kevin Maggio, 47, was charged with five counts of endangering a child, a state jail felony, and injury to a child by omission, a state jail felony.

Stephanie Stuchell, 26, the mother of the two boys, was arrested and charged Sunday with two counts of endangering a child (criminal negligence), a state jail felony. Stuchell was additionally charged with five counts of endangering a child, a state jail felony, and injury to a child by omission, a state jail felony, jail records show.

The reported endangering a child happened June 9 in the 1700 block of Patton Drive, an Odessa Police Department affidavit detailed.

A neighbor stated that a 2-year-old boy had walked over to his residence, the affidavit stated. The neighbor attempted to make contact at the residence where the boy came from but no one answered.

Officers attempted to make contact at the residence, but no one responded, the affidavit detailed. Officers also reportedly saw a 3-year-old boy sitting in the house with what appeared to be dried blood covering his top lip all the way to his nose. Officers also saw bruises and other injuries all over the child from head to toe.

Contact was eventually made with Stuchell, who was in the front bathroom. She stated she had fallen asleep due to some sleep apnea issues.

Officers asked Stuchell if they could search the bathroom that she had been in and she gave consent, the affidavit stated. Officers asked the woman if there any narcotics in the bathroom and she stated there was Tramadol in a bottle without a label.

During the search of the bathroom, officers also found a pink bag sitting on the bean bag inside of the bathtub that had several methamphetamine pipes, along with syringe needle tips and small individual baggies used for narcotics, the affidavit detailed. One green baggie reportedly had meth residue in it.

Officers also found a pink Paw Patrol bag that had a meth pipe in the bathroom sink. Stuchell stated she had used meth two days prior.

While officers responding a found child, they saw the house was extremely unclean, cluttered, hazardous and unlivable, the affidavit stated. Officers saw piles of toys, clothing and household items.

There was reportedly limited walking space in the living room, kitchen and bathroom. The bedrooms were reportedly packed with clutter and the floor wasn’t visible. The kitchen had dirty dishes and spoiled food all over the counters and sink. The bathroom was unsanitary and had feces smeared on the toilet and on a child’s toilet training seat.

Medics were called to the scene to check the injuries from the 3-year-old, the affidavit stated. The boy had a large scab on his upper lip and black eye and some faded bruising on his forehead, a scrape on his chin, bruising inside his left ear and to the back of his ear. The 3-year-old also had swelling to his left ear that is commonly known as “Cauliflower ear.”

During the investigation, Maggio arrived to the residence with three of their older children, a 9-year-old, an 8-year-old and a 6-year-old, the affidavit stated. He stated he left the two younger children with their mother while he took the others to swim.

Maggio stated the injuries to the 3-year-old were from accidental falls and intentionally banging his head during frequent temper tantrums. He admitted to not seeing medical treatment for the 3-year-old’s injuries and stated his mother didn’t either.

Maggio was arrested, charged and transported to the Ector County Law Enforcement Center. He had six bonds totaling $90,000 and posted bail on Wednesday, jail records show.

Stuchell has eight bonds totaling $120,000 and was still in custody as of Thursday afternoon, jail records show.