LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Swamp full of the same old, same old

The redacted affidavit for the search warrant of former POTUS Trump’s Florida residence released August 26, 2022, is the typical legal strip tease by a fishing exercise the world has been treated to over the past 6+ years. One would believe the Democrats, not-so-main-stream-media, our legal aparatus, and our federal swamp would have tired of the same-old, same-old. But evidently not.

I’m just ordinary, but I can recount:

>>the debunked “Russia Collusion” hoax;

>>the waste of money known as the months long Mueller “probe”;

>>numerous discredited FBI agents;

>>discredited FBI director;

>>demonstrable liar Congressman Adam Schiff;

>>the very public pronouncement of Hillary Clinton’s guilt—that no one will prosecute…;

>>failed impeachment #1;

>>failed impeachment #2;

>>the failed NY attorney general suit to find Donald Trump guilty of violating tax laws—after he’d been audited by federal and state tax agencies every year for several years;

>>the slimy method our FBI used at the direction of its Director Comey to remove the President’s NSC director, Michael Flynn—then financially ruin him;

>>the over-the-top and very public arrests of people associated with POTUS Trump has been sickeningly overbearing and also designed to bankrupt each of them;

>>and on, and on, and on it continues…

The purpose of all this is to destroy the concept that, in America, ANYONE CAN BECOME PRESIDENT, except…a card-carrying selectee of the swamp.

That unredacted portion of the affidavit is very telling. They needed to search former POTUS Trump’s residence for: this…OR…that…OR…anything else that can be used to present a DC grand jury to indict him. And, of course, the names of “witnesses, FBI agents, and law enforcement personnel” must not be revealed. Those parts I find interesting in light of the 4th & 5th Amendments. We’re going to look for a specific thing in a specific place, gives way to, we’re going to search everywhere for anything?

And, the names of FBI and law enforcement must be withheld…, really? We pay their salaries to do a moral, legal and ethically unreproachable duty under law. Everone else gets perp-walked in public for maximum effect. Why must their NAMES be…hidden from scrutiny?

Doug Moss

via email