Kami Hoss, DDS of The Super Dentists Launches Super Toothbrushes for Kids – Infants to Teens

The brand-new Super Sonic Light Toothbrush is ideal for children ages 6- to 36-months. The toothbrush comes with a built-in LED light, as well as sonic vibrations to gently massage babies’ and toddlers’ gums to relieve discomfort from teething. Extra soft rounded bristles help protect enamel on delicate new teeth. The Super Electric Toothbrush is targeted for kids, tweens, and teens, who prefer an electric toothbrush. It comes in two characters – Dr. HaveOneSuperSmile and The Tooth Keri – and features integrated augmented reality, long battery life, and premium Tynex DuPont bristles, and has an ergonomic design to help clean plaque in hard-to-reach places. The Super Sonic Light and Super Electric Toothbrushes join The Super Toothbrush®, introduced last year. The Super Toothbrush® now comes in six of The Super Dentists characters: Dr. HaveOneSuperSmile, The Tooth Keri, Cavitar, and Molar; including two new characters, MeloD and Flossosaurus.