GUEST VIEW: The attack dogs are out

By Ronnie Lewis

The radicals at the Ector County Republican Party have reacted true to form after my very accurate and extremely damning op-ed regarding the contradictions, cronyism and crimes within the ECRP board.

They had their propaganda Facebook page Odessa’s Accountability Project accuse me of using a slur that I’ve never used in my life. Jamie Foreman Tisdale the owner of the Facebook page Odessa’s Accountability Project, Pickles Restaurant and Wilson’s Corner stated in a post on her site that I used the term “short bus”, I had to look up the meaning after reading the article. I became furious when I learned what that term meant.

I have been fighting and rallying voters for months to stop the lies, bullying and intimidation from the ECRP Board and make Odessa safe for candidates and opponents of Tisha Crow, Jeff Russell, Mayor Joven and others. Anyone that disagrees with them is labeled a RINO, democratic operative and other immature names, but when you are a real threat they outright lie about you. Just like they lied about Brooks Landgraf, Southwest Bank, Dewey Bryant and Sheriff Griffis. My efforts are paying off and now I’m the target of their outright lies.

I know voters are waking up and realizing we have a problem. Let it be known that Jamie Tisdale Foreman did not tell the truth about me using that term and she can absolutely not show any proof that I ever said or wrote that term.

Jamie Tisdale has even admitted she cannot prove I ever said or wrote that slur. Tisdale has proved how dirty she and the ECRP Executive Board are willing to be. Stay with me voters, we’ve come a long way and our time is coming. You can see proof of our support, in the comments section of Tisdale’s hit piece, all the comments lean my way with the exception of two fake Facebook accounts, Tisha’s appointed precinct chairs Tim Harry and Carmen Whilite. With noticeable approval from appointed precinct chair Freda Daniels and even a “love” emoji from Teresa Beckmeyer, our city manager’s wife, who happens to be an employee of a precinct chair who has refused to sign the petition for Donna Kelm to be on the ballot to challenge Crow, thereby denying Ector County Republicans the right to vote.

Let’s hold the line, be steady in our resolve and not be distracted with nasty lies. We will vote them out and purge this insanity in our community. Let Us Vote.

Exciting details coming soon. If you are like most Ector County Republican voters and tired of the antics coming from the ECRP stay tuned for “The Party to Restore the Party”!

Ronnie Lewis is a longtime Odessa businessman who founded Dos Amigos.