GUEST VIEW: Stop the Crow cabal

By Ronnie Lewis

When I read “endorsed by Ector County Republican Party”, I know that candidate is expected to carry water for Tisha Crow, Jeff Russell and Mayor Joven. It’s a Cabal! And I will never support any local candidate endorsed by the current Ector County Republican Party.

That is why the majority of the current ECRP brutally attacked Brooks Landgraf in 2022. During that election, Brooks addressed the savage attacks stating Tisha’s Ector County Republican Party is made up “predominantly of individuals who are actively supporting my opponent and/or have been working for years to get me out of office by any means possible. They don’t like me because they can’t control me.”

They control their endorsed candidates and the candidates or elected officials they can’t control, they attack! Brutally attack!

Currently, they have door knockers block walking and giving out misinformation about their opponents. Yesterday I was sent a screenshot of the most grassroots invitation to a “meet and greet” that I’ve could have ever imagined. It was so heartfelt, I couldn’t resist, I had to attend. The event was planned after a 85 year lady old opened her door last week and was met by a young door walker. The door walker was deliberately giving misinformation about Donna Kelm and precinct chair 209 Gary Johnson. All the while praising Tisha Crow and appointed precinct chair Claudette Webb. Thankfully, this informed voter knew the truth and sprang into action. She felt a need to inform her neighbors. So she and her best friend planned a neighborhood event, made invitations and hand delivered them. Over 20 people showed up and stayed almost 2 hours listening and learning the truth. This is how we will win this election. A new term was coined “door lying”. Watch out for this. The Cabal will do or say anything to keep control.

Another perfect example. Just this morning the Ector County Republican Party cyber bully Josiah Vargas is insinuating that I vandalized City Hall last night. More complete nonsense coming from Tisha Crow supporters. You must question everything this group has to say!

In this election, we have Jeff Russell running for precinct chair 312, his daughter in law, Samantha Russell running for County Commissioner Precinct 3. Mayor Joven running for Precinct chair 204 and his daughter in law, Tiffany Meade running for Precinct Chair 208. Mayor Javier Jovan’s mother in law is also a precinct chair. Current precinct chair 110 Jennifer Woodall is running for Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace. And City Council at Large Denise Swanner running for Precinct Chair 206. All endorsed by Tisha Crow.

Come out to Big Daddy’s Restaurant Tuesday night 4-7 for some fun, “Catfish, Conversation and meet the Candidates”. Bring the family. Never too early to get the kids excited about local politics! We want to meet the voters! We want to thank you for your support! We want you to be a part of this historic election! Let’s stop the Crow Cabal. Vote Donna Kelm. Early voting starts February 20th. Election Day March 5th.

If you would like to have a neighborhood “meet and greet” for Donna Kelm and your precinct chair candidate, let’s do it. The anticipated Donna Kelm signs are in, let’s decorate our county! You can email me at [email protected] or Donna Kelm on Facebook. And remember to follow Ector County Politics on Facebook for more election coverage.

Ronnie Lewis is a longtime Odessa businessman who founded and built Dos Amigos.