GUEST VIEW: Sorry Kris Crow these are the facts

By Ronnie Lewis

I’ve been on this journey for over a year. Last year when I first began talking about Precinct Chairs no one had a clue what I was talking about. I explained precinct chairs over and over and over. It got so monotonous for my wife and daughter, out of respect, I began stepping outside to take and make calls explaining what is a precinct chair and their duties.

Why didn’t anyone know anything about precinct chairs? I can only say they weren’t doing their duties. My mom, Alma Bird, was a precinct chair for many years. She actually filled a vacancy after my step dad became ill and could no longer perform the duties. And likewise, my mom stepped down for the same reasons. But to this day, many of the voters in Precinct 309 still await a call or a handwritten letter advising about the candidates and her encouragement to “go vote”. Precinct 309 knew Alma Bird. And that’s the way it should be.

I’ve lived in Precinct 203 for over 12 years. Not once have I heard from a precinct chair. Well, not until this election.

The current precinct chairs are spinning the narrative along with Facebook page Odessa’s Accountability Project. Claiming that voter turnout in Ector County is so incredibly high they didn’t need to reach out to people in their precinct. In fact, Odessa’s Accountability Project even bragged the Precinct Chairs were doing a “helluva job”. Tisha Crow is bragging that she has increased voter turnout by 25%. But is that true?

In 2022, only 30% of the Ector County registered voters actually voted in a crucial gubernatorial race between Governor Abbott and Beto O’Rourke. That’s even considerably less than voted in the 2018 gubernatorial race. So no, it’s not true. The fact is, the current Ector County Republican Party is not growing the Party. They aren’t encouraging voter turnout, and they aren’t engaging with voters. If we are going to Keep Texas Red, we need to elect some candidates willing to fight and work hard for Ector County and our Republican Party!

The number one duty of a precinct chair is to maximize the vote and get to know the Republicans in their precinct. So if you haven’t heard from your precinct chair until this election that means they weren’t fulfilling their duties. Plain and simple. A simple letter now and then, a Facebook page with information. Something! But zero communication with the voters is unacceptable. And leads to the well talked about and completely unacceptable low voter turnout in Ector County.

Not only were the precinct chairs not doing their duties, they were also trying to remain anonymous from the voters. I had been asking who my precinct chair was for months. Precinct Chair candidate 206 Brenda Worthen had been asking too. I even went into the Republican Headquarters back in October and not only was denied the information, I was laughed at for asking why the precinct chair list is so secretive. You can go to my Facebook page Ector County Politics and watch the video I’ve reposted. In the video are current precinct chair 111 Freda Daniels, current precinct chair 203 and precinct chair candidate 204 Mayor Javier Joven. Not one was willing to give me information on what they claim to be “elected officials”. Shouldn’t that be public information?

Mayor Joven actually became a bit belligerent and spouted off complete nonsensical inaccurate information.

Early voting is right around the corner. Let’s vote for change. Let’s vote for Ector County. Let’s vote! Vote Donna Kelm for County Chair. If you aren’t sure your precinct email me at [email protected].

Gardendale voters come enjoy a bowl of chili at the meet and greet with Donna Kelm and Jet Brown at the Gardendale Community Center Saturday 10th 5-7.

All Ector County voters welcome to La Margarita Monday 4-7 to meet Donna Kelm and the candidates that are excited about serving Ector County.

Precinct 1 come meet Donna Kelm, Judge Chavez and Precinct Chair 110 candidate Linda Hall at Polo’s Restaurant Thursday 5-7.

For clarification these are all family events and the ECRP Intelligence Op Team not welcomed. Continue following Ector County Politics Facebook page for honest campaign information and updates about all the exciting election events.