GUEST VIEW: Odessans must plan for future of ECISD

By Sara Moore 

Greetings to All:

I love famous quotes. Wise words are really inspiring to me. I also love a really great movie or TV Series! A really great movie or TV series, by my personal definition, is one that leaves you with some “nugget” of knowledge, or an idea, or a perspective that you did not necessarily possess beforehand. That nugget that you gain as a result of watching is what makes you a fan of the production.

I also love the feeling of patriotism. Experiencing a patriotic moment is an adrenaline rush for me. It is a moment of confirmation that what you are feeling in an emotional and passionate way is, indeed, noble and worthy of attention and focus. And worthy of recognition and promotion as well. Whether we are considering a particular cause, a standard or moral, our country, our community, or the neighborhood in which we live, a feeling of “patriotism” comes when one is inspired to defend the honor of and protect from detractors the asset or ideal that one has come to hold so dear (the adrenaline rush).

The West Wing was a TV series that ran from 1999 to 2006. The series centered around a fictional character (Josiah Bartlett) who had been elected President of the United States and was serving along with his staff in the White House. This series was a tremendous hit because it not only provided an overview of the workings of our government (the nugget) but it also provided an avenue for us to feel a swell of patriotism toward our country and to review the meaning of idealism as it was portrayed situationally by all of the characters and issues surrounding the presidency.

Aaron Sorkin wrote the West Wing series. The dialogue was engaging with quick repartee and not only educated conversation but a clear depiction of the search for how to facilitate transforming idealism to reality in today’s world. Sorkin was masterful at using famous quotes originally spoken by real-life characters and incorporating those quotes to the situations presented dramatically on the West Wing. “Decisions are made by those who show up.” This quote is credited to President Harry Truman originally but certainly it was made freshly applicable to modern times by Mr. Sorkin as he re-introduced these words through multiple characters at different times during the course of the West Wing series.

That famous quote, “Decisions are made by those who show up!” is, indeed, directly applicable to the challenge we face today. On November 7th we as a community have an opportunity to take a giant step forward together to improve, renovate, enhance, and expand our schools. By now I’m sure most of you are aware of the 2023 ECISD school bond proposal that has been brought forth to the community by our ECISD Board of Trustees. The total bond package is $436,109,000 and will be presented in three propositions, only separated out as required by law due to the nature of the items in each proposition.

A community bond committee made up of some 130 people from every corner of Ector County including PTA representatives and/or parents from each school, teachers, business leaders, school administration staff, local ministers, senior citizens, students, and business leaders all participated in the work of this committee. A lot of people showed up to do the work and decisions were made on how to present the bond initiative to the board of trustees for a call to vote. “Decisions are made by those who show up!”

Additionally, because of the diligent work of our school board trustees and the direction and guidance of our current superintendent and financial staff of the district, our school system is financially prepared to take on new debt up to $436,109,000 for this proposed bond without the need to raise the property tax rate for the school district. A lot of people have worked very hard in their individual areas of purview and were prudent in addressing the fiduciary responsibility of the funds management at the district. These people are caring, committed team players who want a bright future for our students and our community. Their work is evidenced by the A+ bond rating the district has maintained for the last 4 years and the consistent excellent audit results they receive from state and private audits. As a result, our district is financially healthy thanks to their efforts! These decisions have been responsible decisions made by committed elected community leaders (Board of Trustees) and experienced school administration leadership who show up every day and work hard to meet the challenges of serving 33,400 students and 4,200 district employees. Our community is being served well by their example and their ability to not only meet but excel at their fiduciary responsibilities. “Decisions are made by those who show up!”

We have the opportunity as a community to prepare for the future in a big way this November 7th. By VOTING YES TO ALL THREE ECISD BOND PROPOSITIONS at the polls we are taking a giant step in the right direction as a community. Early voting is already underway, but, already (although just 2 days in at this writing) we see that voter turnout is running about the same as the last campaign. Remember… “Decisions are made by those who show up!” Please don’t allow huge decisions like the opportunities presented in this school bond to be made by a only a single digit percentage of Ector County voters.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our students, our schoolteachers and staff, our business and commercial interests, and our entire community. Details on the bond propositions can be found on the ECISD website and on the website for ODESSANS FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE at All registered voters should be involved in deciding issues that affect us all as a community. Please read about the bond, ask questions, and familiarize yourself with the facts. And make sure you find the actual facts which are on these two websites.

Finally, please go vote! “Decisions are made by those who show up!” Please go vote! Please vote yes to ECISD school bond Propositions A, B, and C! And please encourage others to go vote as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and thank you for your consideration. Help us get this school bond passed so we can take this giant step forward together!

Most sincerely,

Sara Moore