GUEST VIEW: Local Republican party deceiving voters

By Ronnie Lewis

If Ned Luscombe really believes the “Ector County Republican Party is stronger than ever” then why is his letter not truthful? Why is the Ector County Republican Party purposely deceiving voters?

Appointed Precinct Chair, Ned Luscombe is either uninformed or Ned is being dishonest about Tisha Crow initially being elected. Tisha volunteered around 2009. She had no experience or qualifications and has only faced one opponent and that was in 2016. This is easily proven with a quick Internet search.

Ned and the Executive Committee demand qualifications for an opponent for Tisha Crow, but the same group wholeheartedly welcomed unqualified John Beckmeyer to manage our city budget of $240,000,000 and its 800 plus employees. Try to make sense of that.

Ned Luscombe, Jennifer Woodall and other appointed Precinct Chairs are terribly misinformed or deliberately misleading the voters of Ector County. Election Code 172.021, the law that requires 2 precinct chairs to approve a candidate for County Chair clearly states that a county with a population fewer than 300,000 can opt out. Ector County most certainly qualifies to opt out.

But instead, the Ector Country Republican Party repeatedly claims it is a law they must follow….it is not. This has been confirmed by Jen Hall, the Texas GOP Executive Director. This proves Ned is not being honest. Proves our local Republican Party is not being honest. Have they gotten so power hungry they are willing to deceive voters?

How can you call yourself the Ector County Republican Party while you deny voters of Ector County the right to vote for leadership ? Career politicians like Tisha Crow must face opponents. If not, the phrase “Endorsed by the Ector County Republican Party” is misleading, completely dishonest and means absolutely nothing.

Republican Executive Committee meetings are held in private, doors are locked and citizens are not allowed to attend. Up until a couple of years ago Republican voters were allowed in but not allowed to speak at meetings.

For as long as I can remember, the Republican Headquarters was open, inviting and a great place to stop by and discuss politics. Why has Tisha Crow and her appointed precinct chairs locked voters out? The Party can’t grow if only citizens that agree with Tisha Crow are allowed to have a voice and be a part of “the party”.

Tisha and her appointed precinct chairs are manipulating the system and abusing their power. They are deliberately misleading voters to get their candidates elected. Ector County voters join me in my tug of war to save our town.

I challenge Tisha Crow and any or all Precinct Chairs to an open discussion.

Tisha Crow it’s time……Time To Let The Voters Decide.

Ronnie Lewis is a longtime Odessa businessman.