GUEST VIEW: Happy New Year Ector County voters

By Ronnie Lewis

We spent the entire year of 2023 talking to voters. When I first began, I realized there was a huge silent majority not happy with the Ector County Republican Party. Immediately, I knew I was not alone! That’s why I continued even though I knew I’d be attacked and harassed. I also knew that anything they brought up about me would be untruthful or highly exaggerated.

Through the year, I was able to expose with proof Tisha Crow and her executive board.

1. The main complaint I heard over and over was the treatment of candidates that the ECRP opposed. Especially, the brutal attacks on Brooks Landgraf in 2022. Voters will never forgive Tisha and her Precinct Chairs for what they put our State Representative through during that election cycle. They can deny they supported Casey Gray, but I have screenshots that prove otherwise. Brooks won that race by 80%. Proving Tisha Crow is out of touch with voters!

2. Tisha Crow hand selects her Precinct Chairs. It’s clear in the video I posted on Dec. 30. If you don’t agree with Tisha, Jeff Russell and Mayor Joven you will not be a part of the Ector County Executive board. No exceptions. Apparently, the website that Tisha built (I haven’t looked at it) goes into detail explaining the process of “electing” precinct chairs. But watch the video. And listen for yourself. Tisha clearly states “ you wouldn’t be asked to sit on our board”. Tisha and Joven present a candidate and the other appointed precinct chairs vote for them. It’s a racket.

3. Tisha Crow and Mayor Joven spent thousands of tax payer dollars to hire their unqualified buddy, John Beckmeyer, to be our City Manager. Beckmeyer lacked the two main qualifications set out by Mayor Joven and the City Council. Which were a degree in either public administration, business administration, or management and three or more years as a City Manager or Assistant City Manager. Beckmeyer has a degree in Animal Science and zero experience managing a City. But John had the one qualification they were actually looking for…he would not cross Tisha Crow or Mayor Joven.

4. I’m being criticized by Tisha and called a “democrat operative” for trying to stop the power grab. But look at this…Recently, appointed Precinct Chair Jennifer Woodall’s husband ran for school board. Now Jennifer Woodall is running for JP Precinct 1. Jennifer didn’t believe Donna Kelm was qualified to be County Chair so she refused you your right to vote. But now Jennifer wants your vote. Is Jennifer qualified?

Jeff Russell has ran for Precinct Chair and County Commissioner. He lost both races. But was appointed Precinct Chair anyway and now his daughter in law, Samantha Russell, is running for Commissioner. Is Samantha qualified? Jeff Russell refused to let you vote for County Chair but now Jeff wants your vote as he tries one more time to win an election and he wants you to vote for his daughter in law.

Neither Mayor Joven or City Council at large Denise Swanner who both sit on the ECRP board spoke up for the right to vote for County Chair but both are now running and asking for your vote for Precinct Chair. I’m exhausted just writing all this. It’s cronyism 101. It’s the “good ol’ boys club” but crazier. They want to run the entire City and the County! Joven, Swanner, Woodall and Russell don’t deserve our vote!

5. Tisha and her Precinct Chairs spent 2023 in hiding. I’ve explained Precinct Chairs to voters till I’m blue in the face. NO one knew what a precinct chair was….NO one knew who their precinct chair was. That was until they all found out in December they would be having opponents. Suddenly, they were forced out of hiding. They frantically began writing letters. These people writing letter are the same people that refused to allow Donna Kelm on the ballot. Which means they were fine with refusing you your right to vote. Now they are begging for your support!

I could go on and on. But I think these are some of the biggest aha moments of 2023 that expose Tisha Crow and her Executive Board.

Now as we begin 2024, I’m changing course. I’m now asking for your help and your support. Anyone that would like to join this historic movement is welcomed! You can be vocal, or you can remain anonymous. But I need your help! Talk to your neighbors, talk to your friends, spread the word. Whatever you feel comfortable doing, I appreciate.

Voter turnout is a must! If you can make one phone call, encourage one person to vote, you have helped! No effort is too small. You can make a difference! This election is going to be fun, c’mon and join us!

Private message me, comment on this page or my personal page. I will get back to you. If you have ideas of your own, lay it on me. Let’s do this together, let’s do this for Ector County! Let’s get Donna Kelm elected and let’s replace the appointed Precinct Chairs!

I told Denise Swanner last February my campaign slogan was “Show them the door in 2024”. Let’s do it together!

Early voting begins February 20th. Election Day March 5th.

Ronnie Lewis is a longtime Odessa businessman and founder of Dos Amigos.