GUEST VIEW: A hot headed Javier Joven goes viral

By Ronnie Lewis

Last week, I went to the Republican Headquarters to try again to obtain an accurate precinct chair list. This time I spontaneously decided to video tape my visit. I put my iPhone on video and slipped it in my pocket. I had no idea who was in the building or even if I would get a decent video.

But whoa! To my surprise, Mayor Joven was there and he quickly took charge. It was clear that Javier runs the Headquarters. Everyone else fell silent.

During my exchange with the mayor, I could sense the others were a bit unnerved. And I actually felt bad that Javier chose to be so confrontational.

Javier could have handled this situation so much differently. Instead he chose to be belligerent. All so unnecessary. It would have been so easy for the small group of volunteers to simply brain storm and come up with the list of precinct chairs.

Either Javier doesn’t “know the rules” or intentionally lied to me. In the video Javier repeatedly states that the precinct chair list is on the Texas Secretary of State web page. Well, that’s partly true. County Chair Tisha Crow has not updated the list. Of the 21 precinct chairs listed at least 6 have resigned or moved. When I told Javier it’s not accurate he tells me to bring it up with the Secretary. Well, Javier, it’s Tisha’s job, not the Secretary of State’s job to keep the list accurate.

He then tells me I can get the list after the precinct chairs file. Which is absurd. Javier of all people should know that an election takes place to determine precinct chairs. Just because you file doesn’t guarantee you will win. Right Javier? He also implies that candidates file at the election office. Another mistruth. Candidates file with the County Chair.

The video is so telling. It shows the real Javier Joven. The Javier that fires people for no reason, the Javier that threatens people, the Javier the City of Odessa employees know and fear. The Javier that’s afraid to let the voters decide the County Chair.

My quest to insure that the Republicans of Ector County have an opportunity to vote for County Chair is finally coming to a head. A candidate can file for County Chair in a couple of weeks. Since the Ector County executive board refused to opt out of the 10% clause, the candidate must get precinct chairs to sign the petition before the candidate is allowed on the ballot.

The video has now been viewed over 1.1K times on my Facebook page. The actual video has been emailed and texted numerous times around Ector County, Texas GOP, and other County Chairs. The word is getting out that there’s problems in the Ector County Republican Party.

But like I said in the video, “why is it so secret?” Why? Because they don’t want a candidate to get the signatures. They are afraid of losing power. The precinct chairs have repeatedly said to bring a qualified Republican and we will sign. Are they worried a candidate will come forth soon?

Ronnie Lewis is a longtime Odessa businessman who founded Dos Amigos.