Fan drive heats up for summer relief

Rain may have cooled temperatures a bit in Odessa but we are still heading toward the triple digit days in West Texas.
Those days can be deadly for those without air conditioning. To help meet the needs of those struggling in this summer heat Westlake Ace Hardware and The Salvation Army have teamed up to raise money for fans.
Lt. Juan Gomez III, commanding officer of Odessa’s Salvation Army, said money is raised in June and fans are delivered in July or August.
“Over the past 11 months, my wife and I have witnessed the drastic changes in weather that can occur in West Texas. Some of these changes can bring a level of relief, at other time they can be problematic,” Gomez said. “For many homes in West Texas, the scorching heat is a concern, but with no HVAC or window units (AC), so is the rain and dust storms. Heavy rain and dust storms for example force us to close our windows. A closed window with no fan in the home to help alleviate the rise in temperatures and stop of circulation can make adobe and brick homes a health hazard.”
In 2018, more than $118,000 was donated at Westlake Ace Hardware stores nationwide.
Westlake Ace Hardware locations, including in Odessa at 4652 E. University Blvd., and throughout the country will host fan drives by asking customers to donate to The Salvation Army from Thursday through June 23. Westlake Ace will kick off the drive with its own donation of 575 fans.
“The fan drive started as a local community event several years ago in Hutchinson, Kansas and has since evolved to be one of our biggest chain-wide community service projects,” Joe Jeffries, president and CEO, Westlake Ace Hardware, stated in a news release. “It’s an important way for us to give back to the communities where we do business. All of the money donated is given back to the local Salvation Army in the form of fans.”
The Salvation Army served more than 23 million Americans in 2018, which included cooling stations in the summer months, essential services at every major disaster, holiday assistance for struggling families and 54 million meals for the hungry.
“Our partnership with Westlake Ace Hardware continues to empower Salvation Army units all over to give that important relief of cool air on a hot day,” said Lt. Colonel Ward Matthews, The Salvation Army Secretary for National Community Relations and Development. “We’re grateful for Westlake’s commitment to meeting human needs during the sweltering summer months.”
If you’d like to contribute to the Westlake fan drive, visit any Westlake Hardware location or donate online at