Faith, family help Odessan in family business

The Banda family smiles together in front of a greeting sign at Lifehouse Fellowship Church. (Courtesy Photo)

By James Keith

When it comes to battles, the most difficult are those fought internally.

For Miguel Banda, he had fallen into a dangerous hole of alcoholism and drug addiction, traveling a treacherous road that oftentimes has no exit sign.

Despite this, Banda fought through and has managed to turn his world around, a feat he said would not have been possible without his wife and five children, as well as what he said was the most important step along the way: Turning his life over to Jesus Christ and joining a church in Midland named Lifehouse Fellowship.

During Banda’s struggles, he started a local business by the name of Twinz Detailing. Beginning in 2019, the business struggled to get off its feet as a car wash detailing service, but has seen rapid growth over the past three months since moving into the oilfield.

“It’s going along so much now man … it’s been a big jump from making hundreds to now it’s making thousands,” Banda said. “It’s been a leap from the first five years to now this three month period, it’s been hitting man.”

A group of teenagers gather around on stage as they finish up musical lessons before youth group begins. (Courtesy Photo)

The sudden spike in business has been a blessing for Banda, something he said he never expected to see when he started five years ago. “When I first started, you know, I had a bad habit, a real bad habit,” Banda said. “But I gave my life to the Lord about five or six months ago and man, it’s just been different. It’s been life changing.”

Banda’s wife, Michelle Banda, has seen her husband at both his highest and lowest moments, saying it was a challenge for everyone in the beginning.

“When I first met him he was lost. He was a heavy drinker and from drinking he moved on to bad drugs,” Michelle Banda said. “We were struggling, but after we came to church and he gave his life to God its been life changing for us. Not just for him but for our entire family.”

Raising five children together, Michelle Banda said it has been a blessing seeing her husband, who was raised in a single parent home without a father, grow and become a role model for their kids.

“There were times where he’d tell me he wanted to be the dad to his kids that he never had,” Banda said. “So when he was doing his bad habits he would cry and he would be disappointed because he knew what he was doing was wrong, until he knew that there had to be a change because he didn’t want to be that bad example.”

With the struggles of the past now behind them, the Banda family has expectations for the future. While there is a focus on growing Twinz Detailing, they said their main priority is helping out at the church, as they want to volunteer and reach out to kids in need.

They hope to bring more members to Lifehouse Fellowship, stating their doors are open to anyone and pastors Jeremy Sutton and Matthew Davis welcome everyone.