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ATLANTA, Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — EHR Concepts is a disrupting and revolutionizing company creating positive change for Healthcare IT Helpdesk Services. Founded in 2008, this healthcare information technology company, offers full tier helpdesk support for electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) systems.
Known for providing professional services for EHR training, optimization, customization, reporting, managed services, and more, EHR Concepts has now created an entire organization fully staffed to offer 5-star helpdesk support. Included in the helpdesk services is an exclusive, patient-level support program that offers full patient-level portal support. Clients utilizing EHRC’s helpdesk support have reduced full-time staff dedicated solely to support calls and tickets, expedited resolution time, expanded client satisfaction, and increased cost savings for the organization.
"We are results-oriented. We have proven to be 65% more cost-effective than hiring FTE’s, 98% of our calls are answered within 14 seconds, 95% of the time we provide resolution upon the first call, and currently running at an end-user satisfaction rate of 98%, according to our resolution results," said April Bernal-Reed, Founder & CEO of EHR Concepts.
The company’s support service model is more than a helpdesk. The support team includes experienced EHR experts located in the US that provide 24/7 Tier 1-3 support, offering modifications, monitoring, and error correction. EHR Concepts delivers support consistent with client workflows, providing real-time answers that improve productivity, EHR adoption, and includes reporting tools from telephone and ticketing systems.
"I didn’t know what I was missing until my company engaged EHR Concepts," said Patricia, Director, Healthcare South. "The professionalism, attention to detail, and product knowledge are unmatched. Our organization has already noticed vast improvements from EHR Concepts recommendations, and we are only a few weeks out of the onboarding stage. I have been beyond impressed with the quick and efficient response times and the pleasant and enjoyable representatives. My company could not be happier!"
"Our clients experience benefits immediately by using our helpdesk support services; these benefits include immediate ROI, increased adoption by end-users and patients, quantitative reporting, & exceptional satisfaction," said, Bernal-Reed
About EHR Concepts
EHR Concepts is a health information technology company that supports healthcare organizations of all sizes, nationwide, fulfilling staffing and consulting needs for all EHRs. The company is led by handpicked subject matter experts and engineers, helping organizations process information smoothly and efficiently.
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April Bernal-Reed, Founder and CEO of EHR Concepts
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