Bowie teacher not back at school yet

Students who filmed attack disciplined

The teacher who was recorded being attacked by a student at Bowie Middle School last week did not return to school Monday and there was no word on what kind of injuries she received.

A Bowie Middle School eighth grader was arrested by Ector County ISD police and charged with the first-degree felony of aggravated assault of a public servant Sept. 7.

Multiple videos of the incident, which are on Facebook, show the teacher and the 14-year-old student arguing about a cell phone before things got physical as the male student attempted to retrieve his confiscated cell phone from the female teacher.

Ector County ISD Chief Communications Officer Mike Adkins said in a text message Monday the students who videoed the incident received discipline. As of press time Monday it was not clear what type of discipline those students received. Typically, ECISD officials cannot detail discipline for specific students.

The video shows the student touching the teacher while trying to get the phone out of her desk, her pushing him away and then him taking her to the ground and beating her. At one point, her head can be heard banging against a desk.

Officials said last week that the administration does not want students to step in during fights but rather to alert an adult.

As with any incident on a campus, Adkins said it will be reviewed with everyone involved, including the teacher when she returns.

The teen is scheduled to be back in court Sept. 22 for another detention hearing. Juveniles are entitled to detention hearings at the Ector County Youth Center every 10 days.

According to school authorities, students accused of engaging in potentially criminal behavior go through the criminal justice system and the school disciplinary system on separate tracks.

District officials are required to follow Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code, which includes the Student Code of Conduct, when dealing with such matters.

The Code details methods and options for managing students in the classroom and on school grounds, disciplining students, and preventing and intervening in student discipline problems.

The law requires the district to define misconduct that may—or must—result in a range of specific disciplinary consequences including removal from a regular classroom or campus, out-of-school suspension, placement in a disciplinary alternative education program, placement in a juvenile justice alternative education program, or expulsion from school.

Ector County ISD officials issued a statement Thursday night:

“This is shocking and terrible, and will not be tolerated. We have been dealing with fights and violence recently, and want our community to know that behavior is unacceptable and we will do all we can to prevent it. The student was arrested and charged with a first-degree felony and will also face disciplinary action through the Student Code of Conduct.

“We have watched violence among children on the rise here, around the state and across the country; we know our children are hurting and need us to address mental health challenges, while we also hold them accountable for their actions. Our district will continue to address these concerns with students and families,” the statement said.