Board hears partnership preview

The Ector County ISD Board of Trustees discussed upcoming decisions on contract renewals under Senate Bill 1882 during their workshop Tuesday.

The item was presented by Executive Director of Choice Programs, Access and Support Amy Hosick.

YMCA and Ector College Prep are both in the third year of their 1882 partnership contract term. The STEM Academy is in its second year of their partnership.

According to the Texas Education Agency website, the bill passed in 2017 provides incentives for districts to contract to partner with an open-enrollment charter school, institutions of higher education, non-profits, or government entities.

The Texas Education Agency defines two different types of partnerships under the bill:

  • Turnaround schools: the existing school received an F rating the year prior to the partnership.
  • Innovation Schools: existing schools with higher than an F rating or new schools with a new campus number (CDCN).

If upon the expiration of a charter performance contract, the board can renew the contract for up to an additional 10-year term, supplemental agenda material said.

In accordance with law, the board can renew a charter performance contract only if it finds that the campus charter has substantially fulfilled its obligations and met the performance standards in the contract and applicable law.

The YMCA and Ector College Prep, run by Third Future charter school network, are in their third year of 1882 partnerships with ECISD.

Superintendent Scott Muri has indicated that the district will take Ector back starting next year as Third Future has fulfilled its mission.

The district will likely renew its contract with the YMCA, which provides pre-K 3 for ECISD.

Muri said the YMCA is expected at the board meeting next week.

The annual review of 1882 partnerships was presented to the board at the Oct. 10 board workshop and included the metrics for the following contract performance measures:

>> Academic performance measures

>> Financial performance measures

>> Operational performance measures

Board member Robert Thayer said this is an exciting time to restart Ector.

Associate Superintendent of Student and School Support Alicia Syverson said people are excited about having Ector back in the district.

“It’s been a win-win for everybody,” trustee Tammy Hawkins said.

Associate Superintendent (Athletics / Human Capital / Operations) Anthony Sorola presented policies on mental health leave, body worn cameras and access to release of footage from body worn cameras.

Sorola said the revisions are meant to keep the district aligned with state law.

Brady Peugh, energy specialist, presented how the district is saving power and cost. Peugh said much of the cost savings currently comes from holidays and winter breaks.

He described the remote controls used.

Since 2020, 17 elementary schools have received EMS controls installed. Two more will be added by the end of 2023.

One middle school, Wilson & Young, has been given controls and upgrades Bonham, Ector and Crockett middle schools have been completed.

Peugh said that makes up about 90 percent of the district spaces that have some type of controls. Getting controls to all schools will be completed by this time next year.

The focus to this point has been mainly on electricity and HVAC, but Peugh said they want to focus on gas, water and waste next.

They also want to capture data in real time, use data to better understand how the district consumes energy, conduct building by building comparisons (how do they perform differently and why) and complete HVAC control installation.