Education Foundation of Odessa awards more than $72,000 to ECISD teachers

The Education Foundation of Odessa is excited to award $72,700.24 to Ector County ISD teachers for the 2023-2024 school year through its innovative grant program!

The Grants Committee approved the funding of 12 elementary classroom requests totaling $32,016.27 and 13 secondary classroom requests totaling $40,683.97

“Teacher grants are at the heart of the Education Foundation. These grants have been instrumental in funding the seedling of our Bookworms Program that touches every Pre-K through 1st grade student in the district, bringing innovation to the classroom and encouraging great teachers to go that extra mile,” Education Foundation Board President Lisa Wyman said in a news release. “At the Foundation, we understand education is the greatest gift we have to offer to our children and teacher grants extend the work done in the classroom. We thank the ECISD who serve our children well, but also the community members who support the Foundation. With your support we can continue the work outlined in our mission … To create opportunities for education in Ector County ISD.”

Following is the list of grant awards:

Carver Early Education Center

Teacher(s): Tatum Galindo, Kristin Medina

  • Bugs, Worms, and Frogs! Life Cycles and Changes – $1,200.00

Teacher(s): Paula D’On Paquette, Kristin Medina

  • Growing Lil’ Life Long Gardeners – $350.00

Lamar Early Education Center

Teacher(s): Brooklyn Arias

  • PreK Picks a Peck of Pumpkins – $3,266.28

Cameron Elementary

Teacher(s): Selsa Lerma, Diana Tavarez, Blanca Urrutia, Noemi Cuevas De Chacon

  • Learning Through STEM Projects – $2,089.99

Teacher(s): Selsa Lerma

  • Technology is the Key – $549.00

Hays Elementary

Teacher(s): Mischel Pinon

  • Rugs Alive – $254.00

Johnson Elementary

Teacher(s): Dr. Zenovia Crier, Principal

  • Building Foundational Math – $3,780.00
  • AR/MYOn Reading Development – $12,000.00

Teacher(s): Lance Wolf

  • Science Field Trip to Planetarium – $3,100.00
  • Gardening Club – $2,000.00

Zavala Elementary

Teacher(s): Erin Reddell, Linda Marquez

  • Pawn Stars – $892.00

Teacher(s): Erin Reddell, Crystal Campbell

  • Giggle, Giggle, Quack – $2,535.00

Alternative Education Center

Teacher(s): Reynaldo Duran

  • Gamifying School Counseling – $1,102.72

Bonham Middle School

Teacher(s): William Pettigrew, Hector Izaguirre, Brian Barrientes

  • From Bare Bones to Baritones – $4,000.00


Teacher(s): Shelley Wagner, Mark Perales

  • To Walk in Their Shoes Symposium – $4,500.00

Teacher(s): Shelley Wagner, Danielle Jones

  • Our FIRST ROBOTICS Team Ever!!!! – $1,600.00

Teacher(s): Shelley Wagner, Bridgette Profit

  • Get ENVOLVEd! – $2,000.00

Odessa High School

Teacher(s): Dallas Kennedy

  • Sitting in Style! – $1,700.00

Teacher(s): Cheryl Sellars, Chyree Lemaster

  • Rockin’ the Renaissance Again – $1,000.00

Odessa High School & Bowie Middle School

Teacher(s): Francesca Florance

  • Empowering Harp Performance – $2,000.00

Permian High School

Teacher(s): Ashley Sikora

  • Sensory Friendly Environment – $2,497.98

Teacher(s): Leondra Holman

  • Specialized Classroom Coffee Cart Adventure – $1,936.19

STEM Academy

Teacher(s): Candice Sikes, Shannon Davidson, Karey Grametbaur

  • Unlocking the Secrets of the Brain – $12,000.00

Teacher(s): Iva Hodges, Nicole Olivas, Keli Gunn

  • Enhancing Education Through Podcasting – $3,000.00

CTE Department

Teacher(s): Christina Butler

  • Aquaponic Pond – $3,347.08