Congressman Pfluger holds virtual meeting with law enforcement officers

Congressman August Pfluger hosted a virtual meeting with law enforcement officers from the 11th District of Texas on Tuesday, according to a press release.

During the meeting, the release stated, law enforcement officials highlighted the “devastating impacts on anti-police rhetoric and the crisis at the southern border are inflicting on local police departments.”

“President Biden and Vice President Harris are promoting an agenda that defunds our police and opens our border,” said Congressman August Pfluger. “This is wielding a devastating impact on communities across our nation, even in places like West Texas, where law enforcement officers are largely respected.

“Today I heard directly from over two dozen local law enforcement leaders, who told me that the number one issue they are facing is the dramatic escalation of drug trafficking from Mexico as harrowing amounts of methamphetamines and fentanyl stream across our southern border every day. On top of this, anti-police rhetoric around the country has driven applications to join the force to record lows, and the Biden Administration’s abdication of duty to secure the border is forcing Texas DPS troopers off their normal assignments and down to the border.

“The impacts of the Biden Border Crisis and the anti-police rhetoric we have seen espoused from the democrat party for over a year now are real, and they are devastating. I will continue supporting and advocating for our brave law enforcement officers, and I call on the Biden Administration to immediately stand up for law enforcement and secure our border once and for all.”