Commissioners table burn ban

The Ector County Commissioners Court voted to table a county burn ban during last week’s meeting.

The burn ban recommendation came from Odessa Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Bradley Reese due to an increased number of “red flag” days and grass fires.

According to the Texas A&M Forest Service website, the counties surrounding Ector with burn bans include Andrews, Ward, Winkler and Upton. The counties that don’t have burn bans are Midland and Crane.

The Court unanimously approved the joint resolution and notice of election between the Ector County Independent School District and the Ector County Hospital District to hold a joint general election on May 6. The Court also approved early voting for this election. The Court also approved the proposed calculation of rental rates to all political entities of the new Verity HART equipment.

The Court also:

>> Approved a resolution and the appointments of Mark Merritt and Bill Ritter to the Ector County/Odessa Joint Airport Zoning Board.

>> Approved the required documentation of Eminent Domain Authority in Texas.

>> Approved a grant application for FY 2024-Fy2025 RLSS/LPHS with the Texas Department of State Health Services for the purpose of Local Public Health Services (Triple O) funds for providing public health education to Ector County Citizens.

>> Approved to amend the contract with PHWF No. HHS001078500001 between Ector County and the Texas Department of State Health Services to include a list of dates for submitting a Financial Status Report (FSR) biannually to the system agency (DSHS).

>> Approved to amend the contract No. HHS001022600001 between Ector County and the Texas Department of State Health Services to include Subsection D, which lists the time frame for submitting the biannual Financial Status Report (FSR) and the final close-out FSR to the system agency (DSHS).

>> Approved bid specifications on Armored Car Services (Bid #23-04-07-01).

>> Approved the proposal specifications on the Coliseum Complex Exterior Painting (RFP #23-0 4-14-01).

>> Approved necessary action regarding Change Order #8 for Moss Mill and Overlay.

>> Approved necessary action regarding the specifications for the West 42nd Street from FM 1936 to Knox Avenue Improvements (Bid #23-04-12-01).

>> Approved an additional $5,000 for the Detention Center Transport Fund Account.

>> Approved a line item transfer to General Fund, Post Sentence Monitoring, Office Supplies, 00I-425-5171 for $15,000, to Department Furniture & Equipment, 001-425 -5199 for $15,000, to Subscriptions, 001-425-5207 for $20,000, from Contract Services, 00I-425-5309 for $50,000.

>> Approved to receive the fiscal year 2022 annual audit report of the Ector County Jail Commissary Account in accordance with Local Government Code Section 35 1.04 1 5(d).

>> Approved the Accounts Payable Fund Requirements Report for March 9th,2023, and review County financial statements

and reports.