Cheerleader graduates and launches career at UTPB

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By Alexandra Macia

Special from UTPB

Izaiha Bush graduated from UTPB with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology! From Arlington, Bush says he has thoroughly enjoyed his time at UTPB.

“Being a part of the growth and expansion of UTPB has been amazing to watch,” said Bush.

His favorite thing about the University is the support he’s received from the community on campus.

“The professors are dedicated to helping you succeed and will do everything possible to ensure that you achieve your goals,” said Bush.

Courtesy Photo

Bush was a part of UTPB Cheer, President of the Black Student Union, a student employee, and much more!

“These experiences have not only made me a better student, but also a better person,” said Bush.

The good news is, Bush isn’t leaving campus! He’s been hired as a recruiter at UTPB and will help bring in new Falcons! Bush is excited about helping students who might’ve thought college was out of reach.

“The amount of support and love I have received from all the faculty and staff has been astonishing. I want to be a part of other students’ journeys so they feel the same support that I did,” said Bush.

He also plans to pursue a Master’s in psychology. Bush says he is thankful for all of the people who have helped him on his journey!