BBB scam alert: Con artists pretending to be Apple support

Scam artists try to steal your data any way they can. One popular method is known as a tech support scam. In this scheme, you get a telephone call or a popup on your computer screen from someone claiming to be with tech support from a well-known software company, such as Apple. Often the scammer will create a sense of urgency — the computer is sending error messages, they’ve detected a virus, or your computer is about to crash and you’ll lose all your data.

To avoid falling victim to this scam, Better Business Bureau serving the Heart of Texas has the following tips:

  • Never give a stranger remote access to your device. Granting someone remote access to your computer allows them to install malware and access your files.
  • Be wary of anyone calling and claiming to be from a big-name tech company. Most big tech company employees will not call customers who have asked not to be called.
  • Don’t believe Caller ID. Victims report falling for this scam because the calls appear to come from Apple Support. Scammers often spoof phone numbers, so don’t always believe what you see on your phone.
  • Look for misspellings. Look out for spelling and grammar mistakes when dealing with a suspicious looking email claiming to come from Apple Support. Additionally, check the copyright at the bottom of the email – if it looks even slightly different, then it is most likely a fake.

If you suspect you’ve been contacted by a tech support scammer, report it to our BBB Scam Tracker. It helps us keep track of what’s going on and warn other consumers.