BBB Tip: Hiring a professional resume writer

As Texans and the nation recover from the disruption to the job market caused by the coronavirus pandemic, many job-seekers are reviewing their resumes and realizing that they may be out of date or missing key information that would help them land their dream job. With the wide range of Texas industries across the state and the expertise required for various employment positions, some may find the prospect of writing or updating their resume is a challenging obstacle to overcome. In response, many job-seekers are searching for reputable resume writing services to help them translate their work experiences to the written word, to varying degrees of success.

Since February 2021, the unemployment rate in Texas has continued to drop from its all-time high in April 2020 of 12.9% to its current projected rate of 5.9% in August 2021, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Multiple industries are experiencing double-digit percentage gains in employment over the past 12 months, including leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, and mining and logging. More than 60,000 Texans found employment from July – August 2021.

To assist job-seekers who are looking to utilize a resume writing service to craft their updated or new resume, Better Business Bureau offers the following tips:

Know your goals. Effective resumes combine your goals and your job history to help you land your ideal position. Your work history often includes various skills and achievements, but what you emphasize depends on the job you want. Always define your career goals before you set out to create a resume. Without knowing what type of job you want, a resume writer can’t deliver an effective product.

Ask for recommendations and read reviews. One of the best ways to find a reputable resume writer is to ask your friends, family, and coworkers if they’ve worked with a professional resume writer they can recommend. Also, thoroughly research potential candidates. Read reviews from their website and third-party websites. In addition, you can look up companies at to find their business rating, as well as customer complaints and reviews.

Find out who does the writing. Some companies have clients speak to a sales representative who takes down information and passes it on to the writer. This is less than ideal. The best resume writers will spend some time speaking to you personally to get to know your personality, determine your work history and discuss your current and future career goals.

Double-check each writer’s credentials. Find out more about a writer’s background before you hire them. What exactly are their credentials? Have they worked in corporate HR? Are they familiar with your specific industry? Are they a member of the National Resume Writers’ Association? You may not need someone who has every one of these qualifications but certainly look for someone with a solid knowledge of your specific field.

Ask for samples and references. Reputable writers should be able to give you examples of their work. Ask for references of people who used their service and got a job as a result. Don’t feel satisfied with just a list; contact the references whenever possible to inquire about their experience with the resume writer.

Understand the terms. Many resume writers offer guarantees, such as full refunds and unlimited rewrites. Don’t take these terms at face value. Read the fine print to find out if there are conditions. For example, you may only be eligible for a rewrite within a specific time period. In addition, each resume writer has their own turnaround time, so make sure you know when you can expect to receive your finished resume.

Get to know pricing, before you pay. Resume writing and reviewing services can range from free to thousands of dollars. Set your budget and work within it. Remember that a truly professional service isn’t likely to come from companies that offer cheap or free resume rewrites. Quality resume writers generally charge anywhere from $400 to over $1,000 for their services, depending on your experience level.

Watch out for red flags. “Too good to be true guarantees” (e.g., “You’re guaranteed to get a job in seven days or less!”), extremely low or unclear pricing and processes are all signs you may want to look elsewhere for a resume writer. In addition, be wary of companies who claim they can rewrite your resume without ever speaking to you and companies who do not provide you with a resume you can later edit.

Expect to spend time working with the writer. Resume writers collaborate with you to create a resume. You will need to spend time speaking with them, either on the phone or via email. You may need to fill out forms or questionnaires beforehand. You can also expect to give feedback on your resume once it is complete, and some back and forth may be necessary to refine the final version. This is the only way to get a solid resume that reflects your personality and highlights the right skills for your future job.

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