BBB: Avoid scams when attending home shows, hiring contractors

The Spring season is here, which means home show season is upon us and consumers are already in the process of planning for their upcoming home improvement projects. While attending a local home show can provide a one-stop opportunity to gather ideas and meet with potential contractors to hire, Better Business Bureau is reminding consumers of the importance of doing their homework before making a financial and contractual commitment.

Home improvement scams are one of the top ten riskiest scams according to BBB’s 2017 Risk Report. Though the impact of these scams has gone down in 2017, despite it being a year that included Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. BBB believes this may have been due to a significant increase in information from the media and consumer protection groups, around home improvement scams following disasters.

When attending a home show and making plans to hire a home improvement contractor, BBB offers the following tips:

Familiarize yourself with the show’s layout. Visit the show’s website in advance and locate appealing vendors. Check for discounts and coupons being offered and research vendors at Look for the seal of BBB Accreditation being displayed in booths of BBB Accredited Businesses, as these companies meet and uphold BBB Standards.

Be prepared. Develop a list of questions for potential contractors so you don’t overlook something, as it is easy to become distracted at a show. Recognize and keep to your budget while maintaining clear goals to avoid being pressured into making an impulse commitment on the spot.

Comparison shop. Collect information, marketing materials and ask questions. Engage with booth owners, obtain specifics on pricing and services and have a clear understanding of company policies and warranties. Consider creating a separate email address specifically for show correspondence to avoid overloading your personal email account.

Verify license and insurance. Always be sure that the company you decide to work with has the necessary licenses and insurance to work in your area.

Avoid paying in full. BBB recommends limiting a deposit to no more than one-third of the total cost of the project and to also set up a schedule of payments based on the job’s overall progress. Get all details of the project in writing in the form of a contract and request a receipt that properly accounts for any paid amounts.

Recognize your rights. Under the Federal Trade Commission’s Cooling-Off Rule, contracts for goods or services more than $130 that are entered into at a seller’s temporary location, can be canceled within three business days following the date of the contract. By law, the seller must tell you about your right to cancel at the time of sale. The seller also must give you two copies of a cancellation form (one to keep and one to send if you decide to cancel).

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