BRASWELL: A lesson from the Grinch

By Dr. Jimmy Braswell

Chaplain, Home Hospice of Odessa

“The Grinch that Stole Christmas” is as well known as Santa Claus himself today.

For me that’s really a surprise, because I remember when the story began to be popular. Yet, I’m really glad of that for the Grinch has much to teach us. He reminds us that we all have a little aversion to the “Commercialization” of Christmas.

Now I’m not a critic of the glamour of Christmas. I love the lights, the presents, the food, and the celebration. But the Grinch reminds us we all have a “wonderful, awful” idea of getting rid of the hub-bub and simplifying things.

We don’t hate Christmas so much as we wish it could be simplified to “Come Anyway” in spite of the things that make up Christmas.

That story reminds us that in spite of all the glamour and festivities, the spiritual nature of Christmas as the glory of God come down to men in the baby in the stable is what the season is all about.

“Perhaps Christmas doesn’t come from a store,” the Grinch reminds us.

Merry Christmas and take time to enjoy the colors, food, and smells; but take time also, even if its just watching or reading The Grinch; and emphasize the Spiritual Center of Christmas in the fact of Jesus.