Board gets strategic plan update

Ector County ISD trustees received the quarterly update on progress of strategic plan projects during a Nov. 7 board workshop.

This month, updates included the establishment of district-wide technology standards, and the implementation of personalized professional learning. A brief introductory look at Kindergarten Readiness revealed the district’s number is down by 2% from last year, from 56% to 54%. A contributing factor is an increased number of students entering kindergarten who have not been in a pre-k program. Data show that students who attended an ECISD pre-k are at 64% Kindergarten Readiness. Expansion of pre-k is something for district leadership to prioritize because it is showing positive results, the board recap said.

The board reviewed the new setup for a teacher workstation which includes a DELL CTO 7430 Touchscreen laptop, triple display docking station, 24” LCD monitor, and a Promethean ActivPanel 75” Titanium AP9 Premium. In regard to the Promethean interactive flat panel devices, 1,268 have been installed with 1,068 remaining to be installed. The goal has been to give teachers the freedom to move, not be tethered to a desktop computer.

The second report, personalized professional learning, focused on the implementation of these central components of a strong personalized learning program:

  • Coaching – takes place in the classroom, in real time, with current students, and is centered on issues of actual practice.
  • Mentoring – takes place in the classroom, nearly real time, away from students, and is centered on issues of actual practice.
  • Professional Learning Communities – takes place in the school, shortly before or after instruction, away from students, and is centered on issues of actual practice.
  • Independent Learning – a teacher independently researches a problem of practice, implements a solution in class, then reflects on the experience.

Trustees discussed the annual financial report. ECISD has earned a clean/unmodified audit opinion for the fiscal year 2022-23. The full audit report will be presented at the regular board meeting Nov. 14.