BCCO hosts 21st annual ‘An Evening with the Stars’

Odessa found its way to the national spotlight with Friday Night Lights.
Jo Ann Davenport Littleton, the president of Black Cultural Council of Odessa, doesn’t want history to repeat itself once student athletes in Ector County leave the field.
The BCCO is hosting its 21st annual “An Evening with the Stars” at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 2 at the Odessa Regional Medical Center Auditorium that will recognize African American seniors and juniors in the community with scholarships.
“We are trying to prevent Friday Night Lights all over again,” Davenport Littleton said. “That’s the kind of reputation that Odessa has. As long as the kids are good athletes, everyone loves them. Then when they can’t run anymore, they kick them to the curb. We want to erase that. We don’t want it to be like that.”
Davenport Littleton plans to give out 11 scholarships at the event. The recipients this year are A’tyzjinae Anderson, Tyrone Caufield, Haven Daniels, Trevon Davis, Justin Hammond, Treasure Renea Hill, Bryshion Johnson, Shanell Moore, Robeasia Sadler, Trey Smith and Ed Williams.
Tickets are available to the public for $25 and may be purchased by any BCCO member.
The event includes guest speaker Thalia M. Dubose, sole owner and lead attorney for the Law Office of Thalia M. Dubose in Houston. Davenport Littleton is eager to listen to Dubose speak to the attendees.
“I like to hear speakers that let the kids know you may be a star here, but when you graduate and you get out into the world, everybody is a star,” Davenport Littleton said.
Dubose graduated from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University. She completed her bachelor’s degree from Alabama A&M University.
In November, Dubose said she was approached to be the guest speaker for the event and felt it was an opportunity to give back.
“It falls into what my life’s purpose is and that’s encouraging, motivating and inspiring to people across the world,” Dubose said. “Anything that is for a good cause and anything that’s geared toward someone’s future, that’s why I chose to be the guest speaker.”
Over the course of the last 20 years, An Evening with the Stars has given out 318 scholarships to African American students in Ector County.
Davenport Littleton said it’s an opportunity give a student a scholarship to help achieve their goal of a college degree. She said many of the former stars are making a positive impact on their respective communities.
“When you see kids come through the door that you had an impact in their life, it’s a good feeling,” Davenport Littleton said. “They are successful citizens. Some have gone on to other cities and some have stayed in the community.”