War time photos on display

MIDLAND Arts Council of Midland announces an exciting exhibition and reception opening from 5:30-7 p.m. May 18, of the photography of Magdalena Batog, from Krakow, Poland.

Batog has been making her art for decades, and her work includes interesting and exciting figurative images from her native Poland. Another compelling part of her exhibition includes several images from the Poland/Ukraine border at the start of the war against Ukraine. Photos of what she saw are included in this exhibition.

Batog and her husband Piotr were instrumental in helping Ukrainian refugees escape at the Ukraine/Poland border and then drove them into Poland to safety. 12 of the 37 works in the exhibition are photographs taken at the Ukraine border, a news release said. Piotr Batog, prior to the war against Ukraine, was (and remains) a mountain guide (he has his own business) for tourists in Poland.

Magdalena Batog is unable to be at the reception but has made a short video that will play during the reception.

The 37 photographs in the exhibit include the ones from the Ukraine border, as mentioned; black & white figurative photographs with intriguing characterizations; Nine photos using a double print, the first layer is printed on glass and the second, inner layer is printed on paper, giving a three-dimensional effect; and, finally, figurative color photographs with native costumes highlighted in the imagery.