Two suspects arrested on theft charges

Odessa police arrested a man and woman this week in connection with the almost year-long theft of stolen flame resistant gear.
William Sturgeon, 46, was arrested Friday on a warrant accusing him of theft of property, a state jail felony. Belia Galindo, 61, was also arrested Thursday on a similar warrant that also accused her of the same charge, the Odessa Police Department reported.
Both suspects were tied to the thefts that occurred at two different locations on South Jackson Avenue. Galindo reportedly had a yard sale at 1447 S. Jackson Ave. where several flame resistant uniforms were being sold, the OPD said.
OPD officers were dispatched on April 4, 2016, to 1520 S. Jackson Ave., about several auto burglaries where a large number of protective clothing had been stolen, the OPD said.
“The same business had been victim to several burglaries where the same type of clothing was stolen from the vehicles,” the OPD reported.
Then on Feb. 9, police were sent to 1201 S. Jackson Ave., about a break-in to a vehicle where a large amount of the uniforms were taken. The location had been hit in the past several months where the same type of clothing was stolen, the OPD reported.
Camera surveillance footage in the parking lot of 1520 S. Jackson Ave., reportedly captured images of Sturgeon, whom the OPD said was positively identified. But the police department did not explain why it took almost a year for Sturgeon to be named as a suspect.
Sturgeon reportedly had three prior convictions for burglary and 11 prior convictions for theft. OPD detectives got a search warrant for 1447 S. Jackson Ave., and recovered about $10,000 of the stolen property.