OUR VIEW: Lack of burn ban doesn’t mean carelessnessTHE POINT: Have a fun and safe Fourth and, please, be a good neighbor.

A number of counties (seven out of nine bordering Ector) have established burn bans that do have an affect on Fourth of July activities.
No restrictions have been established for Ector or Midland counties at this time as the Fourth of July looms this Thursday.
OK. That doesn’t mean that everyone in Ector and Midland counties should let their guards down. Buy your fireworks and, by all means, enjoy those fireworks in a safe and protected manner. That means having water nearby (just in case) and keeping an extra eye out for children and pets.
There are still restrictions event without an actual burn ban. You cannot pop fireworks in the city limits. Let’s face it – you don’t really need to do so when the Firecracker Fandango event in Odessa always offers an amazing show put on by professionals.
Some will still want to pop fireworks and that’s fine as long as you are a good neighbor and only set them off in areas where you are allowed to do so. That doesn’t mean pull your car off the road out in the county and traipse onto property you don’t own and proceed to blow off $100 of fireworks. Nope, it means do it out of the city and on your own property.
It also means pick up your mess and put out your own fires. Firefighters are busy enough without cleaning up after folks who are inconsiderate and unsafe.
It is illegal to explode fireworks within city limits or in the middle of a roadway. Residents who continue to pop fireworks after midnight on July 4 may also be presented with a ticket. Breaking a fireworks law could result in a class C misdemeanor and a fine of up to $500.
Sheriff Mike Griffis last week said there haven’t been a lot of issues over the years on the Fourth but that he will have a full staff just in case.
Have a good Fourth and be safe.