OUR VIEW: Huge gift is boost for Odessa teachersTHE POINT: The Bushman family and ICA give back to the community in many ways.

Teachers got a great end of school gift from John and Carol Bushman, People Pride Inc. and Investment Corporation of America during the final week of school.
More than 1,800 teachers got that surprise gift when more than 1,800 checks were sent out by the Bushmans, who are co-founders of People Pride, a privately-funded program for at-risk Odessa students that pays full tuition, books and dormitory costs as long as they attend a state-supported school.
Teachers received $500 in cash with another $500 in gift certificates to any of ICA’s restaurants, hotels, A-1 Homes, skating or any other retail operation that the corporation owns, if they renew their contract and start back in the upcoming school year. In total, it’s close to $2 million in gifts.
Plus, they get an ongoing team member discount after they use the $500, which gives them deeply discounted hotel rates, Bushman said last week.
What a gift! The Bushman family and ICA employees are always generous to numerous charities and causes. This gift is nothing short of spectacular.
Bushman said the donations were made possible by the work, support and agreement of ICA employees.
“I’m very proud to say this is Team ICA that has made this possible and we’re so proud of that and all of them are very proud to have given to those teachers. We’ve got hundreds of parents that work in this organization right here in the Permian Basin …,” Bushman said.
Too often our teachers feel unappreciated and overwhelmed – a difficult combination. There are too few times that they are told thank you. This gift should help ease that.
It’s perfect timing as teachers are going into the summer months. Some teachers are heading for some much-deserved time off while others are headed for extra jobs.
Whatever the teachers are doing this summer it is a bit enriched by this thoughtful and generous gift. We have come to expect nothing less from the Bushman family and ICA.