OPD still investigating Sherwood medical call

Odessa police say they are still investigating a medical call they received Wednesday about a couple who reportedly gave a 3-year-old girl an oral syringe filled with an orange liquid.

No suspects have been identified at this time, nor has the orange liquid been identified. Odessa Police Department Spokesman Steve LeSueur only said OPD is looking into the whole case.

Rubii Garcia, the mother of the reported victim, gave details about the incident in a public Facebook post Thursday. Garcia said she took her daughter to the park by herself on Thursday afternoon.

“The park was empty so I thought she could have all the fun she wanted without worrying about too many people,” Garcia wrote. “I was wrong.”

Another girl with an older couple walked up to Garcia’s daughter to play with her, she continued. After the two girls went down a slide at the park, the woman with the other girl then reportedly put the syringe with orange liquid in Garcia’s daughter’s mouth. Garcia said she yelled at them to stop and ran over, but the couple and the girl with them quickly walked off.

“A few minutes later she started acting funny, just clumsier & falling down & looking sleepy,” Garcia wrote.

After calling her mother and telling her what happened, Garcia said they called 911 for police and EMS. By the time they arrived, Garcia said her daughter was acting normally again. Tests were run on her, and Garcia said the doctor didn’t detect any alcohol or drugs but couldn’t identify the orange liquid.

“She is safe now & feeling better,” Garcia wrote about her daughter. “She’s back to her crazy baby self.”

OPD described the two suspects as a thin white man in his 30s, about 6 feet tall and weighing 170 pounds, wearing a white shirt, green shorts, a hat and sunglasses, and a heavy-set white woman in her 30s, about 5 feet 5 inches tall and 170 pounds, wearing a yellow shirt, blue jeans, a hat and sunglasses.

A Facebook post made on Sunday described a similar incident of a couple trying to give a 5-year-old girl a liquid in a syringe, but LeSueur said officers looked into the incident and found no police report was made and they were never able to confirm the event actually occurred.

Police are asking anyone with information regarding the incident at Sherwood Park to call their office at 432-333-3641 or Odessa Crime Stoppers at 432-333-TIPS and reference case No. 19-23872.