MISSION FITNESS: Exercise tips for people on the go

For most people it’s hard to find that extra bit of time during the day to fit in some good exercise. With the busy lifestyles we live we tend to forget about exercise all together. This is alarming because exercise has many benefits that go along with it, and nowadays people are starting to view exercising as boring and just something that they should being doing, when it should be viewed as time to yourself where you can forget about everything outside the gym and focus on your own health.
It is recommended to get 45 minutes to an hour of exercise five to seven days of the week in order to have a healthier body. For most people it is hard to find time during the day where they can block out 30-60 minutes for exercising. What most people don’t know is that even short bursts of activity have a positive effective on the body. Splitting up your exercise time into 10-minute sessions throughout the day, so that by the end of the day your total workout time is 45-60 minutes, can be a great way to stay motivated to exercising and also helps manage your time better. There are studies that have also shown that exercising this way has similar benefits as exercising 45-60 minutes in one session. So if you ever thought you were wasting your time with a 10 minute exercise routine, think again.
Separating your exercise routine into smaller time frames can also help keep your confidence up, because skipping a workout altogether can make you feel guilty, depressed, and/or even tired. One important thing to remember is that breaking up our workout times should be a temporary thing and not something to replace our usual workout routines. Try using this method only on days where you know you’re going to be busy and are unable to get a good session in at the gym.
If you are going to follow this method, here are some good ways to work exercise into your day:
Things to do when around the house
>> When you head outside to pick up the morning newspaper, go ahead and take a 5-minute walk around your area.
>> If you have any exercise equipment at home, like a treadmill or bike, try get a good 5- to 10-minute cardio session in.
>> When you bored or have nothing to do, try do 5 to 10 minutes of jumping jacks. This is a simple exercise that is great for getting the heart rate up.
While waiting
>> If you waiting at a doctor’s office, ask how long the wait could take and then go ahead and walk around the building.
>> If your son or daughter is playing a sport that is outside, try walking around the field a few times.
>> When taking your kids to the park, try turning it into a fun exercise/activity with the kids.
At work
>> Walking to work is great. I only recommend this if you work reasonable close to home.
>> When getting food on that lunch break, try looking for places that are close enough to walk from work.
>> Take short breaks, 5 to 10 minutes, during work and walk up and down the stair case.
While traveling
>> Go ahead and pack your sneakers and fitness DVD; also make sure the hotel has a DVD player.
>> If you are traveling by car, stop a few times and go for an easy 5-minute walk.
>> When booking your hotel room, ask for any rooms that are above the 5th floor. Then of course you got to take the stairs.
>> And lastly, while riding in elevators try get some stretching in.
All of the above exercises are simple to do and don’t require any extra equipment or much time. I hope these tips have been helpful and that you start using them in your daily lives. So get out there and be smarter with your time.