Lots of snow? Maybe 2 to 10 inches

National Weather Service officials in Midland said via phone on Tuesday morning that it will be closely monitoring the winter storm watch issued for the Permian Basin.
NWS issued the winter storm watch at 4 a.m. Tuesday that could result in accumulating snow today through Thursday for most of the Odessa/Midland region.
Matt Johnson, a NWS meteorologist, said that snow is possible, but there could be varying amounts throughout West Texas. NWS also detailed on its winter storm watch that snow accumulations of two to 10 inches are possible.
“We are expecting snow, but there’s a lot of uncertainty with the amounts currently and where it’s going to set up,” Johnson said. “There’s definitely potential for snow.”
NWS stated in its Tuesday morning briefing there is low forecast confidence across the Permian Basin on Wednesday evening where rain may mix with freezing rain and sleet before changing to snow.
The winter storm watch from NWS will remain in effects from Wednesday afternoon through Thursday evening. NWS also stated on its website that forecast snow totals are likely to change over the next 24 hours.
NWS also stated in its Tuesday morning briefing that the heaviest accumulations look to be Wednesday along the Interstate 10 corridor and Wednesday night to Thursday along and east of Interstate 20.
Gene Powell, the spokesperson Odessa District of Texas Department of Transportation, said on Tuesday morning that brine salt water is being put on major roads, which includes interstates and the loops in Odessa and Midland.
Powell said the brine helps prevent ice from bonding to the road as much and make it easier to remove. He continued to explain the brine lowers the freezing temperature of water so ice doesn’t form as quickly.
“Some of the crews started Monday, but we will continue that until all the tier one roadways are treated,” Powell said. “That covers the interstates, the loops in Midland and Odessa, Highway 191 and main highways.”